Welcome to Artwithinnature.com. Maybe it's my zodiac sign or my aversion to crowds but whenever I need to get back to my roots, I take my dog and my camera and go outdoors. It's not so much hunting the perfect image as just the willingness to be present and open to what nature might show me. If I go intent on Grizzly bears I might come back with spider webs, or looking for snowflakes and find hoar frost. Often nothing I capture will end up in print but the effort is it's own reward.

And for those special destinations that are not in any flight seeing pamphlet you will just have to join me on a custom photo safari.

If this rings true for you too, or if you just want to talk about photography in Alaska, I will be glad to share what I've learned from my 25 years flying and shooting in Alaska.

Blue Skies!

Mark Stadsklev
Eagle River, Alaska
November 2015