Finally what a number of you have asked for, a formalized Alaska Photo Safari that you can plan on and sign up for. For years I have only offered these on an impromptu basis but now Rust's Flying Service is making these completely unique and exciting Alaska Photo Safaris available on a scheduled basis. If you have two or more in your group you can pretty much pick your day. Pricing will be competitive. We typically leave Lake Hood, Anchorage Alaska, mid-morning. We head east and start with some amazing flying and aerial photography among snow capped peaks, and crevasse filled glaciers, we then land at a totally out of the ordinary spot, for a quick lunch and a short hike to unique images of glacier ice, waterfalls, antique mining equipment and open landscapes with forested coves. I will lend any advice I can on shooting macro, focus stacking, stacking high dynamic range, panoramas, aerial shooting, composition, dealing with snow and contrast.  My work has been published in National Geographic and dozens of other publications. Several pieces are in museum permanent collections, and my book Alaskan Air has become a nearly out of print (50 copies left) collectable first edition.

I have been flying with Rust's for 20 years and have personal list of 'must see' places so it will be a memorable day and one full of amazing photographic possibilities.

If you are interested you can email me, or better yet call Rust's at (907)243-1595, and tell them Mark sent you.

You could join me on a flight photo safari, call Rust's Flying Service for the details. I hope we will meet up somewhere enjoying nature and thinking about this fragile life we share on this one planet.

Here is a link to the piece the BBC did a while back,

Here is a link where I flew a British Celebrity, Tony Robinson to a nearby glacier just before the winter freeze up,  you can fast forward to minute :38 .

Here is a link where I flew with Brandy Yanchyk documenting her travels across the USA.